A celebration of West African flavours, ingredients and cultures

At the forefront of putting West African food on the map in the UK since 2010, Zoe Adjonyoh is passionate about making African food more accessible.

In her words, "A lot of my cooking is reimagining dishes as well, because I love the traditional stuff, but I'm also all about the flavours and the ingredients and finding new ways to use them. In terms of license to experiment, I think there shouldn't be any restrictions on how you use these ingredients, because the whole point is to make it as accessible as possible. And the more people you can get using the ingredients in new ways or incorporating them into their daily diet, the better."

Discover how Zoe is reimagining West African cuisine with Zoe's Ghana Kitchen, served exclusively at Sessions

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A one-of-a-kind hybrid, where restaurant meets food hall, with four menus from independent chefs served for limited residencies

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