Classic British breakfast dishes

Founded by Richie Hayes and Elliott Kaye, Norman's brings back your childhood favourites. The story started 10 years ago in a cafe in Clerkenwell. Elliott and Richie's friendship was formed over a few beers and they started plotting a partnership. Richie went to start his chef career in Melbourne, returning to London a year later to work at some restaurants and pubs. While Elliott focused on front of house service in some of London's best restaurants.

Skip to 2020 and Norman's was born. Richie and Elliott wanted to step away from fine dining and just make the food they were raised on and enjoyed eating. Famous for photographing your typical English fry up with an atypical reverence, due to Elliott's excellent eye and Richie's insistence that 'British food doesn't always have to look bad,' Norman's delivers your childhood favourites exactly how you want them.

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A one-of-a-kind hybrid, where restaurant meets food hall, with four menus from independent chefs served for limited residencies

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