Chicken buns and wings smothered in housemade signature sauces

From the founder of Lost Boys Chicken, Tomas Samandi, Chick Chick Crew is all about celebrating the food experiences of our youth.

This journey started when Tom quit his corporate job to start a chicken shop in Brighton. He drew inspiration from when he used to meet up in town sharing 6 boxes of nuggets. Food was always the main event, whether they were meeting at Maccers or getting a tuckers after school, its just what they did every week. Chick Chick Crew is about bringing that experience back.

They make all our own small batch sauces which they smother over all things from their chicken wings to miami burgers to tater tots. Their signature sauces are flavours you crave.

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Shelter Hall
Brighton’s first and only food market and bar, set in an iconic Victorian seafront building with seven founder-led kitchens

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