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We remove business barriers to help exciting new food brands the best chance of success – across the UK. We're a voice for the independents, championing change and empowerment.


A brand should succeed because it’s got the best food – not the biggest bank balance.”

Alex Haney Sessions Market

We’re a nation of food lovers. Hungry for real brands with real stories, and only getting hungrier.

But there’s a problem. Starting and growing a food brand has never been harder. Big, established chains rule the roost. And without the cash and infrastructure, even the most gifted new chefs and founders can’t compete.

It means brilliant concepts fail to break through. The public’s craving for authenticity goes unsatisfied. And the big names keep on getting bigger.

We think that’s wrong. A brand should succeed because it’s got the best food – not the biggest bank balance.

So we’re putting things right.

We started Sessions because we thought there must be a better way and wanted to take on the big guys and champion the independents.

Through our Sessions platform, we identify the most passionate chefs with the most promising brands. And we back them all the way to nationwide fame.

We're here to help and support to get their ideas off the ground. Venues to test and refine what they offer. A network of kitchens to expand UK-wide. And the best deals with leading delivery apps.

The result? An ecosystem that’s fairer and more inclusive. A meritocracy, where the best brands always rise to the top. And a nation of diners getting the food they really want.

Ox Block by Kenny Tutt
Ox Block by Kenny Tutt
Chunky Buddha
Chunky Buddha
Carlito and Tom
Carlito and Tom

Why Sessions?

  • 1 mil

    people served in our food hall and on delivery platforms

  • 16

    passionate food partners growing with Sessions

  • 50+

    sites nationwide


Meet the team

Grow your brand with our seasoned team of food and hospitality industry heavyweights.

  • Sessions Market People 6

    Dan Warne CEO & Founder

    Former Managing Director of Deliveroo
  • Sessions Market People 4

    Ian Banks CFO

    Former CFO of Soho House Group
  • Sessions Market People

    Ben O'Brien COO

    Founder of pioneering sustainable food brand Sourced Market
  • Sessions Market People 12

    Graham Turner Chairman

    Former CEO Tragus Restaurant Group
  • Sessions Market People

    Olivia Reid Food Director

    Over 20 years of experience working in the hospitality sector with a focus on independents
  • Luke Thomas

    Luke Thomas Creative Culinary Director

    Award-winning chef and restauranteur, published cookbook author
  • Sessions Market People 2

    Stefan Marjanovic Strategy & Programme Manager

    Former Lead Consultant at Newton Europe
  • Sessions Market People 7

    James Marvin Business Development Director

    Former Head of Growth at RA group
  • Sessions Market People 1

    Roisin Howard Business Development Director

    Former Head of Sales at Deliveroo
  • Sessions Market People 10

    Louis Haynes Head of Sales

    Former Key Account Manager at Seedlip
  • Sessions Market People 9

    Kathy Taylor Business Development Manager

    Former Business Development Manager at Sodexo
  • Sessions Market People 8

    Megan Ong Growth Manager

    Former Brand Manager for the Luxury Portfolio at IHG
  • Sessions Market People 11

    Sarah Hills Senior Account Manager

    Former Account Manager at Headbox
  • Sessions Market People 3

    Sunny Patel Culinary Trainer Manager

    Two decades as a Chef across 7 different countries and a number of different cuisines
  • Sessions Market People 5

    Danny Staples Culinary Trainer

    Two decades working front and back of house and running events such as Secret Cinema and Winter Wonderland
  • Sessions Market People 1

    Oliver Ward Account Executive

    Former Account Executive at Softcat

Your food on our platform

Join Sessions and take your brand to the next level.

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